Saturday, 13 July 2013

CK Creative Design Service

Upgrade Your Business Blog To Look More Professional
Why You Need A Professional Website ?

Just a website is not enough.You should have a professional looking website inorder to be taken seriously.Nowadays many customers seek information online before making a final purchase.

Therefore a website needs to make a good impression on the potential buyer by having an easily navigable professional looking site.The visitors judging the product by its shabby website,might think the owner does not have much to offer & turn away as an outcome.

STOP procrastinating!
Your business NEEDS a professional Design NOW!

✔ Nice, Elegant & Very Organize Template
✔ Fast Loading
✔ Custom Header
✔ Navigation Menus (up to 9 menu)
✔ Organize Author,Date,Time & Number of Comments
✔ Organize Tags/Label in every post
✔ Wide Post Width *can view large photo
✔ 3 Column Footer Widgets
✔ Custom Social Sharing Widget *can pick ur own color
✔ Related Post by Linkwithin
✔ Social Networking Sharing Article in every post
✔ Threaded Comments *easy to reply customer's comment
✔ Customize Blockquote *easy to highlight
✔ Order Form 
✔ Payment Icon
✔ Tracking Shipment Icon
✔ MORE Widget Exclusive For Business
✔ Can choose your own color theme
Coding and Installation

Threaded Comments
✔ Easy for you to reply your customer's question/comments.

Customize Blockquote
✔ Easy for you to highlight the important info about your product.

Social Networking Sharing Article

✔ Share your Article to Twitter,G+,Facebook & Pinterest. Make it Easy for Readers to Share Your Content.BONUS >> You Will Get More Readers to Your Blog


✔ 3 Column Footer Widgets - Can put more widget at the bottom so that your blog will looks more organize.

✔ Disable Right Mouse Click Code *copyright issues
✔ Disable Text Selection Code *copyright issues
✔ Open New Tab Code

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✔ Can choose the header design (we have 4 design)
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Our Beloved Customer
Alhamdulillah,the number of LIKE at their page  increase after using our design.
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boni kacak said...

macam menarik je tu

eimah siti said...

mcm best ja..

Nur Aqilah said...

nampak menarik tp sy tak ada business on9. sob3

Fiqa Nsz said...

fiqa tag akak :)

masnayli said...

wah! menarik.

mari join GA sy:

Nadia Johari said...

menarik..kene bayar erk..hehe

Hana Fatiha said...

lawa. :)

Aisha Fauzi said...

Wow nampak mcm menarik and best je :) Tapi kena bayar eh ?