Replika Barbie's Dreamhouse di Florida


Semalam nampak artikel menarik. Pasal Barbie! Hihi. FD pernah bagitau kat entri [11 Things About Me] yang FD minat Barbie sejak kecil sampai sekarang. Sebab tu FD kata artikel tu menarik. Kat Florida, ada replika Barbie's Dreamhouse. Bukan size mainan tau, tapi life size! Dah tentu lah besar kalau life size. Macam rumah real. Kalau ada kat Malaysia ni, confirm FD pergi! Cantik gilaaa! Jom tengok gambar-gambar Dreamhouse Barbie ni.

Dream come true
Pintu masuk ke The Barbie Dreamhouse

Play land
Play land: The Barbie dreamhouse is a replica of the plastic doll's Malibu beachhouse

Collection: The installation includes the best of Barbie - 350 dolls and collector memorabilia, Barbie's friends, family and of course her love interest Ken

Beauty: The installation offers a package for a group of girls to have their makeup and hair styled before they strut their stylish selves down the Barbie runway

Pink paradise
Pink paradise: The Barbie sitting room includes a circle of pink ottomans perfect for a fireside chat and a bright pink baby grand piano

Treat: The world's first ever life-size replica's of the plastic toy's Malibu beach house allows Barbie's most ardent admirers to live out their girlish fantasies in the life-size dollhouse

Imagination: Visitors can try their hand at haute cuisine in the Barbie virtual kitchen

Peminat Barbie mesti suka, kan? :D

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